We will proudly present some of the Silver Poodles we have out of the breeding
The silvers that has become the most important for us, is the "Rushian boy litter" .....they was just something special!
Full with instincts marvellous temperament well bodied good coat texture, loved the life and all about it, healthy to old age and just the best friends.....
we miss you!
Guldtackans Silver Illusion.
This dog is the most human dog who ever is possible to exist!
He is thinking like a person, talks like a dog, but when a human would have done it…!
He is difficult to describe, but if he wants to love you, you are blessed!
Illusions titles are
Slovenian Champion, International Champion, Vlaanderne Winner and Europe Winner-99.
There is still 2 countries witch he didn not finished the titles, he was close, but not all the way…Illusions CACs in Austria where given to him by:
Mr. Nicola
Mr Petik
Mr. Arini
And in Croatia Illusion have received the CACs from:
Mrs. Bellan-Falletti
Mrs. Minova
Mr.S Kuki
THANK you , for the successes!
Guldtackans Silver Illusion is owned, groomed, handled and loved by Jasna Gale and Ingrid Marien
International Champion, European Winner -99, Slovenian Champion,Croation Champion, Austrian Champion, Vlaanderne Winner -98.
Schweiz Veteran
Champion ,Meilleure Veteran Winner Animalia '04
Guldtackan´s Silver Illusion.
Free Hips. Champion producer in the colors Silver, White and Blue.
Excellent mentality!
Illusion have now started his show carrier as a Veteran at the age of 11 years and 6 months old.
He finished 2 more titles during the last show season! And got 2 new titles. Illusion was just like a illusion to show, to good to be true....
We will always carry him with us in the heart. We lost him very terrible in an accident, and will never get over this.
Multi Champion for ever....
CROATION CHAMPION, this title the stunning Guldtackan's Silver Illusion got at the age of 11 years and 8 months old!
He also took the BOB at the CACIB show!
Proudly and professional handled by Igor
The judges we say THANK YOU to are:
Mrs. J.Knezevic and Mrs. S. Selimovic.
We are very proud of having a veteran in such a good condition that still are going strong in the Show rings!
Multi Champion Guldtackan´s Silver Illusion has during the fall opened up 2 more titles.
Witch is German Ehren klass (honour champion class) and German Veteran class. Those first CAC´s have been given him from Mrs. Ahlbach and Mr. Walter. So we say THANK YOU!
Then Guldtackan´s Silver Illusion has closed his title as Austrian Champion, the last CAC was given him from Mr. Rotner. THANK YOU!

Guldtackan´s Silver Illusion also got the title: Schweiz Veteran Champion and Meilleure Veteran Winner Animalia´04!
The Swedish Gentleman Mr Almgren gave him this title. And Mr Almgren didn't just judge the dogs fare he also gave the handles/owners a nice day in Lausanne! So thank you Mr. Almgren, with out YOU in Schweitz, we would have JUST terrible experiences from this very bad arranged show! After the Sundays judgments we where a lot of handles who said; THIS WAS THE FIRST, THE SECOND, THE FOREVER LAST SHOW IN SCWEITZ!
Next amazing silver poodle to present, is the litter brother of Illusion Multi Champion Guldtackan's Silver ID
ID was showed the first time at 5 years old. Since he was late in the silver coloring.
It is very easy for incompetent judges to say, this dog is NOT correct silver colored, and forget to look at the anatomic, since they simply do not know how the anatomic should be to get a correct body!
After 3 strait 2nds or SG at the 3 first shows in ONE week, the last show was going to start. I had a good confidence in my dog, as I can see the differences from a winner and a loser! And at this 4th show, he got the first CACIB under Christffer Habbig! Then the CACIB's just was meant for him....he ended the show ring with receiving 38 of them! It was always the same honour to show this dog! You can see more about the loved dog at he's own site.  
ID at the top left: The first CACIB.
ID at the last show in Sweden.
Pic next: ID at the World Show in Mexico 1999, where he became the WORLD WINNER title!
Sloven & Int. Champion Guldtackan's Yours Silver Coin
Guldtackans Yours Silver Coin.
X-rayed with good hips. Caracterstested with good result.
She have been showed 12 times. The CACs and CACIBs have been given her by:Mrs. S. Radnetter,
Mr. M.Stienbacher
Here you can see one of her critics:
56 cm. High, lovely head.
Correct ears, mandel eyes, good bite,
Good front, good upper line,
Perfect back, extremely good coat,
Good mover with a lot of temperament
Judge by Mr. Steinbacher, and BOB placed.
Handled, groomed, owned and loved by:
Jasna Gale, Slovenia and Ingrid Marien
Guldtackan's Pecos, exported to Germany, litter sister to Yours Silver Coin, they are sired by Guldtackan's Silver Illusion
Here are 2 males out of the N litter, sired by Illusion.
Then of course......we have the stunning H litter!
Here we kept, Guldtackan's The Silver Hulk and the female Guldtackan's Silver Hokospuckos!
Hulken is own by Robert Gyllin, and is so far showed once with CACIB and BOS......he's sister took the BOB! We are going to show him during 2009! He is A1 on the hips PRA free and has the German "Zuchttauglich" at the date 29 September 2006.
At the left top is Hulken together with a brother as babies.
Then you see Hulken as youth dog.
Next to this text is the pedigree of him, and the lovely head is Hokospuckos, more about her at her own page!