This is the HIP result we got on the Harlekin Poodle Tyson. He was exam in the Veterinarian Faculty in Zagreb, Croatia.    
20 days after we picked him up, to live with us
There are NO other official records on the hips from this dog, where so ever. It is just 2 mean woman :one in Germany. Mrs Cruella De Ville and The K.D in America how has no life of them owns and has spoken false rumours about that it should be different result!
For any of you, interested in more information and result off this dog, you are very welcome to contact us!
He is clear on the Eyes from:
Lins Luxation,
Primair Glucome,
PRA, Cataract,
Retina dysplasie
He is BH educated.
And has the Obedience 2
He is educated for Biting work.
And he is a special Friend!