Black female, HD H, (free) 55 cm. Correct bite all teeth. Character tested and passed with good result. Showed a lot but never got a title on her.
This was my first female of the Standards. She gave us some lovely kids and she was always the same happy friend, all the way to the end, we lost her too early by cancer in the uterus, at the age of 8 years old...
Guldtackan's got the first Standard Poodle litter after this female. If I would had been told at that time, that this litter should still, nearly 25 years later, be more famous than they where at the time they where in life, I would had replayed; Noway!
Life is a surprise!
The first litter she gave us, we had breed her to the Top Winner and Top Producer Multi Champion Moviolas Vikingline. This was the Incest litter. This litter was born 86.05.21, one of them went to Germany one of the males we used in breeding on old age and the rest was loved pets.
Ch Moviolas Vikingline is also the father to Twist
Signature Twist Dancer's next and last litter, was the Sire Ruch yr i mössan they got born -89
5 generations later, the kids got born in Germany! Guldtackan's P litter, Sired by Vet VDH CH. Guldtackan's Stallion.
At these pic you can see Guldtackan's Pelle together with Alexandra, it is Steve who is the excellent groomer to him
Incest Resultat 12 years old
This is the Dam to Signature Twist Dancer
This is the grand Dam to her
Top Producer and Winner Ch Moviolas Vikingline
One Male out of the G litter, Children to Incest Resultat
VDH Veteran Champion Guldtackan's Stallion, son to  Guldtackan's Gentleman
To go on with next generation we breed The parents to the S litter is Sire Guldtackan's Gentleman
Dam Guldtackan's Cang Cang
Guldtackan's Incest Dotter
Guldtackan's Canon, out of the C litter
Ch Oline Bacile, Sire to the C litter
Dam to the C litter is Ch Darling
We will of course keep you updated on the HEALTHY, sound, harmonic  and good looking generations who will come next after Signature Twist Dancer!