This female we kept for us out of this litter, when she was 13 months old and free on the hips, we did the mistake to place her as a "foder tik" witch means as a breeder you give the female away to some one, that take over the responsibilities over  her so she gets the best care as possible, and the breeder has the opportunity use the rights for showing and use of breeding. This did not work out. And it was the lesson for lifetime for us! The poor dog was treated as a human baby in the new home and it was a disaster...
We succeeded to show her in some kind of coat left...for some shows. We got her "karaktärs testad" and this is the test to see the characters of the dogs (like BH in Germany)
And she passed through, with good results, after all.
Guldtackan's Lots of Love is the mother to my amazing Br'Une Lustigkurre!
Her parents was Sire: Dassin Defender
Dam: Cassandra from the F.H