This dog has he's special storry...I nicknamed him Kanylen.
He is pictured at 7 months old here. And he mowed from us at nearly 1 year old boy, to Germany. Here he came to be one of the breeding matadors of the time! A lot of the breeders today, started up with my Kanylen children for there breeding!
This litter was born in my Guldtackan's Quarantine AB. since I wanted to have them ducked and it was just before this litter was due forbidden to do so in Sweden. I took the mother Ch. Darling over the boarder to Denmark, as it was time for her due, placed her at a hospital and got my 10 puppies ducked, transported them back home and placed them in my Quarantine for the 120 days I needed to.
When they where ready to deliver one of them went to USA another went to Spain and I had Kanylen and he's sister left home.
When this litter was 6 weeks old, we got an Parvo epidemic into the quarantine....I had at that time 18 litters! From newborn puppies to the age of 10 weeks. NO ONE can have a feeling of the hell we went through!
Kanylen was the pup, who meet with misfortune of Parvo viruses. So we started to treat him! All the sibblings looked the same 10 black pup in the litter so to have it easier for my crow  to recognize the treated Poodle pup, we called him Kanylen....
One of the summer days the family of mine was on the way to Holland, as usually. The phone went on, one breeder phoned and said Ingrid there are a woman in Holland that needs a Black female, you have the one that is docked, can you please get in contact with her? I did so. This woman was SO happy to be able to get her. Place the dog in the car, next phone call came, a friend from Holland calls and say, there are a breeder of Wolf hounds that desperate want a male...can you??
So, off we took, the family on vacation, to Holland WITH 2 youth dogs! To make this story short: The woman did not got the female, she had the house full of white poodles already, and there was so many faults and sicknesses on them, that I decided NO way one of mine will be left here!
Next day, we went to the breeder of Wolf hounds. He called an "expert" of the breed, who said, no, don't get any poodles, there are one male in the country from America, he will win it all...
We had the vacation as planned. Kanylen destroyed the hotel room while we had breakfast, he really enjoyed to have vacation! And I think I got my lesson for lifetime by this!
Back home, the 2 youth poodles got back to the quarantine, for 120 days! Ja this where the demands!
Later on that autumn I got in contact with Kanylens owner, and was SURE she seemed ok, to get a poodle, drove him to Holland where he was picked up for going to live in Germany.
Kanylen was showed quite a lot. But mostly Kanylen breed females...
This is the picture I took of him, before he went from us. He was at that time x-rayed  on the hips and free. And a lovely dog, so happy and outgoing and just loved the life!
Sire: Dassin Defender
Dam: Ch. Darling
Ch Darling, was a very cleaver dog! She loved the obedience and did great result into this! She was deep, deep black till the age of 15 years old, when she ended her days here. Healthy and happy all the time, an amazing friend!