1986 I received the first litter of Standard Poodles. And the stud male for them was of course the Mooviolas Viking Line! One of the puppies went to Germany.

1986 I also stared to judge at the match shows, at the afghan special show in Denmark, at club shows in Sweden. And I love it, nice to see all those dogs so nicely prepared dogs for the show, and just to enjoy!
1987 I stated the Quarantine station. It was just 3 of them in Sweden, all private and I was working directly under the government. It was a long way to go, before I had the permissions to start up, but after 3 years I went throw the whole curt system in Sweden and at the highest one they gave me the permission! I received the Mops tavlan  Translated to Pug painting, from the Swedish Kennelklubb, as an award.
Guldtackan's Incest Dotter
And this was a heavy work, I had for the 12 years I was running the company: GULDTACKANS KARANTÄNSTATION AB. (A Quarantine station is NOT like a boarding kennel! Its an area that is totally separated from the rest of the society, with strictly hygiene. And testes need to be taking on the animals to fulfil the rules of the government. Just the building coasted me over 7 million SKR to build!) More than 14 000 animals, mostly dogs and cats. Every year servile of litters. Normally 70 Persian cats to bath and the same amount of dogs to do every WEEK! Plus all the rest…Of course I had employees! But when the working time was over, it was over for them, all except my little Pernilla Glumstrand. She was more faithful to me than a German shepherd! It was very nice, with a lot of experiences and a lot of nice peoples as well, but always working! A lot of different breeds and different kind of animals. Different celebrities, and personalities of the owners! I even had a Swedish spys 2 dogs at the company! During the time those dogs where living with us, we had journalists all over, the properties. Until I let 3 of my hangar trained standard poodles loose. The dogs LOVED it!I will never forget this: One day I took off from the Quarantine station, to clean my home. I was in the middle of the work in my living room, and suddenly the vacuum cleaner turned off, so I turned around and looked at the man who was standing in my living room, and was the reason to the vacuum cleaner didn't go anymore. He said: I'm Director Åkesson, you have my daughters dog from France here at the quarantine, so I want you to go and get him, I want to see him! I was at the same time surprised, but thought, I need to clean  So I replayed: I'm Director Gyllin, move out of my living room! -Then out of my house! It was very often like this. Hard work at the Quarantine no spear time for my kids and when I was free, it was always something that didn't work out about the transports, so I needed to work anyway. And it takes a lot to have the hobby and work into the same group, and having the work so close at home as I had. So I quitted the company be course I found that it was too difficult for me to go on, when I never can run my life and enjoy the life of my children, be course there are ALWAYS someone who just need me at just this second, no matter what I was busy with or where ever I was! I loved the work in the quarantine! I loved to learn about it all, I enjoyed to pack my nice jeep full with dog shit and drive with it to the specially area for dumping it like it was nuclear transports….! The minutes later I was the strictly Director, or the sterile vet. Assistant that was needed for this situation! During the nights I took care of the book keeping, since I realized very quickly that no one was trustable for that! Always different, and always new experiences!But after 12 years I also wanted to enjoy the life I have left. The year I stopped with the quarantine was 1999.
Guldtackan's Karantän AB. was quitted as a company, because I decided to do so, we had not ONE complain during the years we where running it!
More about the Quarantine on its own page...
Time goes on...1997 was a VERY big step forward for us. Concerning the breeding of Standards.
And at this time we had still the Afghans, no greyhounds nor Rottweiler, but Standard Poodles in all colors! (Except the apricots) I received the Harlequins at this time and am thrilled about them!
1995, my youngest son Robert got born, we started up the Import company for my oldest son ( he was the first one the government gave permission to, to be owner of a company, even if he was not 16 years old) This company imported accessories to dogs, cats rabbits and horses. He got the store for it after it grow to big to keep at home, and I helped him out, and did some grooming in the same local with my company SimSalaBim Grooming saloon.
Guldtackan's Rubhin
Guldtackan's Babies
1999 was the most intensive year for us. I was at home 5 weekends that hole year, all the rest I was at dog sows, in Sweden Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Mexico and some more places I don't remember more. (At some of those travelled I have actually written down what happened during the travelling! But I will not take this here: PROMISES) I also had time to go to my sisters sons wedding in Spain!
We received the World Champion, Europe Champion of that year on the two litter brothers Id and Illusion. We opened up a lot of titles and closed a lot of dogs titles! Received 4 dogs with Club titles. As well as it happened that I heard: Sehr Wunderschön und sehr blau…Ja, sehr wunderschön und auf wiedersehn, was my replay on that! No translation necessarily I think
Now after 13 years....I have been thinking; have it been worth it?....Have it been worth to KEEP the original color of the breed that means so much for a lot of us?...Sometimes, I have had my doubts! When we where living under stalking in Germany, for 1 YEAR, from the broke neighbours I helped out of a bankrupting,( when they stoned my dogs, when they closed the water, when they hunted my child.) When we had one of the boarder members from the poodle club we where members at, to have a witch hunt for my head! When I have been called up on phone in the middle of the night from a drunk idiot, threaten me "if you don't stop breeding wrong colored poodles we will kill you!".... Well at those moments I have been thinking, twice. Then decided YES IT IS WORTH IT! I will keep on fighting for the breed that has the roots still here to go on with. No matter witch country, there are a lot of idiots in them all! There are, after all GOOD Germans....there are after all not just idiots in Sweden...or Holland! But there ARE mostly naive breeders! And them I have taken a clear step from, for many years ago, so of course it HAS been worth it all, today 13 years later, I have exceptional good Harlekins, Black and tans, with really good temperaments, soul and body! The truth is, I'm happy to not have the naive "breeders" a round me!
For your information, I will put ALL what has happened me and my family, because of my Top Winning dogs, and the bashing for my parti and multi colored at the new link Truth and nothing but the truth! Together with evidences.
Then a lot happened in my private life, that made me decide to move to Holland.
So in the beginning of year 2000 I started to go with my moving to Holland, and every one who have moved, knows how it is, then to move from one country to an other, AND with a kennel!!!!!!
When I left my home, I had in my Dutch Opel transit car: 2 Swedish born Amazon parrots, one kanarian bird 12 years old, my son Robert 5 years old, the Afghan Jerevan el Kharaman 14 years old. 2 Maltese puppies, and 7 Guldtackans standard poodles! Together with the packing we needed like clothes, dog food, Swedish water for the dogs and so on! Can you see the car in front of you? The parrot Walter nagging in Swedish all the time during the 9 hours driving it took, Now we are going, ja now we are going!  Ooo my lord!
At the year 2000 we got the couple of Malteses. Mostly for little Robert loved them so much, but we all think it's a very nice breed. So it will be a litter of them next year (2005).
The following year I married my husband Cor Marien. He has a lot of experiences as well from breeding dogs, but mostly the small once.
Here were a couple of years I took it easy with the breeding, since I suddenly could do things like I never had done before. Just go to somewhere suddenly if we felt for it, that was something I never had done, since I needed to schedule all my time to get the bathes, tattoo some litters, clean the runs, cut the dogs who made there appointments, take care of the routine bathes of my show dogs and so on.
At this time I also realised that I just NEED to continue! I have done quite a lot with my breeding program, and have so many more plans to do!
I don't like the dog shows as much as I used to do, but maybe it comes back? But I do love to breed my plans! And I do love my breeding dogs and I love to chare them with the once who enjoy them as well!
As you can see, this dog has MORE than hes lovely color!
After all those years, I have still the same opinion: THE TEMPERAMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, all the beauty, all the rest of the tittles, that's nice, but not important!
My hart will always belong to the AFGHANS! This breed is the one for me, the wild, the human, and the self-depending dog, which doesn't want to be told what to do. I just love it!
But at the same time, its very convenient to have the standards, which are calm, funny, and full with respect for the family and will take a bullet for any one of us! They are so opposite to each others! The type of the Afghans who are deep in my heart is the original type from the mountains. I want bodies! I want movements and a brain in the head! If I want to have a lot of coat, I just take one of my coats from the wardrobe on me. Since the standard of this breed doesn't say anything about HOW much coat they are going to have. And a dog with TOO much coat, just destroy the view of the movements, this breed was not from the original breed to stay full coated and look pretty, they are breed to RUN and run into the mountains for hunting!
All the time I have been working with works on contract, for living. If I haven't been driving my own companies. It's very important to say for me, that I have been breeding my lovely dogs for my hobby interests, not breeding for surviving! Or even as a company. Then you are at a different level I think, it's not fun anymore, it's a fabric, you need to produce! I think it would be difficult to handle emotionally.
We have exported puppies to a lot of different countries. As pets as well as breeding dogs.      There are Guldtackans in all the continents.
So thank you for your time, I do hope you have had something out of my history!
Thank you for visiting us, and enjoy the ride here at the homepage. If you have any suggestions or if you find it difficult to find something here at our page, please let us know!
Take care, and Regards from Ingrid Mariën with children and animals of Guldtackan's.