Id have received the CAC in Austria, from following judges, we didn't do it all the way there…
Mrs.Z. Petik
Mrs. B. Bergenzer
Mr. M Perricone
Thank you all!
Guldtackans Silver ID
He has been showed a lot since we started to show him as 3 and a half year old boy.
ID have always loved the dog shows, even then the judges didn't prefer him…
Hes dark and solid silver, witch a lot of judges in certain country have it difficult with.
So the fights, for getting the titles on this one of a kind true friend to dog, have been
quite tuff, but successful . All together hes titles have been :
ÖKV clubbsieger-97 &-98
Slovenian Champion
International Champion
Mexican Champion
And World Champion in Mexico (FCI-Wsg-99)
He has got all together 27 CACIBs !
Totally: 7 Best of Breeds, 3 Best of Groups and 2 placements in BIS-ring.

But best of all, so much pleasure!
ID have been handled, groomed, owned and loved by Jasna Gale and Ingrid Mariën with family.
I am PROUD of my background that is my pedigree and my children's roots!
My background is represented here on this picture by:
The Russian flag - for my mum
The Finnish Vodka- for my dad
The Swedish tie and
The Slovenian national shirt, for my citizen's membership.
The Sombrero, for my best Title
And finally the klumpers  for the Netherlands's, where I was living for some years. Got kidnapped, but succeeded to get back home again to my beloved! A real drama!!
To all of You:
Be proud of Yourselves!
Multi Champion Guldtackan's Silver ID.
ÖKV clubbsieger-97 &-98

Slovenian Champion

International Champion

Mexican Champion

And World Champion in Mexico (FCI-Wsg-99)

He has got all together 27 CACIBs
These are the titles for the amazing one and only: ID
ID in Mexico, year 1999
Here to the left is ID at the last show in the home country Sweden, then at write is ID at the first show he got CACIB in Sweden.
The critic from the first CACIB;
Excellent proportions, Very firm and fit all over.
Super neck and shoulders. Excellent topline. Head perfect in type.
A lot to offer.
Excellent mover with true speed!
Christoffer Habig, Germany
The dear friend Jasna Gale made it possible to get all the victory we received on ID, with out her help it would had been impossible, since the distances are too big.
Thanks Jasna!
ID after a grooming seminary 12 years old in T-60 clip.
The Dam and Sire of ID.
Floori Silver, from Russia at the picture when the litter of 9 pups where 7 weeks old
At this nice day, we decided to end the pain for the lovely ID.
2006 10 18, he went on to the other side, left all of us with broken hearts ...ID's kidneys quitted to work suddenly, he did not respond to any medications, at the age of 13 years 6 months and 4 days...
He had a HEALTHY life during the years, never went sick!

We are going on with carrying the memories of ID with us.
And enjoying the time with the amazing children of him we have at home. The Hulk and Hokospuckos!
An other healthy and lovely generations of Guldtackan's!
One critic of them all....Good balanced silver dog, masculine head good balanced all over, strong, good and short body. Excellent quality of coat. MORE than a good sample of the breed in this color.
Compact marvellous mover.
Judge Roger Stone
We will go on with the healthy, smart and stunning silvers, for next generations. During the year 2009 we will breed the triple Champion and daughter to the "the one and only ID" Guldtackan's Silver Hokospuckos!!
Pucko as 1 year old