From the left Guldtackan's Cyber Girl and behind her is the mother Guldtackan's Compackt, a grand child to Dassin Defender
BIS WINNER Guldtackan's Br'une Lustigkurre, the father to Guldtackan's C litter, he is a grand child to Dassin Defender
Both those 2 dogs are pictured in the summer 2009 when they where 9 and 11 years old. LOOK at the deep BLACK color of them!!
Guldtackan's Cyber date, is 58 cm Hips are HD TC.
She has got 2 CAC's in National Class. She placed her self as 2 resp.3rd best female at the Bundersieger Show 2006 and got 2nd BIS in Juniorhandling with Robert Gyllin.
The male out of this litter we want to present here is Guldtackan's . Com
He is a father to  quite a lot of litters in Holland with great success.
We do not have any pictures of him, so sorry...
We are sorry to say, titles on Cyber Date I have got no confirmations on, so I will not guess about that!
We have the "Mozaik" to precent here for you. She has picked one CAC after the others...was 9,5 months old when she got her first Champion title!! One of a kind Show dog! Dam to Mozaik is Guldtackan's Cyber Date
To the left Mozaik is 6 months old NEVER been cut before!! After she got the lines by me, she turned out like this, and short time after the shows started!