On this page I want to show you the dogs we had imported to Sweden, during the years. First came the black masked golden afghan female to us from USA, the year was 1977.
She came to us as a baby and had to go in the quarantine of the State in Gothenburg. After the 120 days we got her home. She was an totally different type, from the Afghans I later on become in love with. She was line breed from the American kennel Schehrezade.
Her name was Zorro's Jordette Jordahn
Here she is as adult.
Voodoo of Scheherezade was the dog Jordette was linebreed from
Zorro's Cassanove was the Sire
Zorro's Empress was the Dam to her
Next who came to us, was the French breed  Freedom Top Billing. With the amazing coloring. A true friend during all the years!  
1987 we got 3 females from Kennel Freedom. One of them was Domino, my absolute favorite color. And so difficult to receive in the litters. The rest of them was cream.
1989 was the first dog show I was invited as a judge. It was in Denmark, at the Afghan special show. I was so happy to stay as a judge, for the first time! And I went home with a broken heart...I saw the marvellous little female "Siggy" there, she was the type of my breeding, she had the extra, and she would fit perfect at my home! But she belonged to my friend Allan Torndahl...
She went home to us, after Allan got hes time to think it over! And I have always loved Allan for this!!
Siggi was so special, always happy and joyful. And fitted in to the home and kennel at once!
1989 was the year we went to Holland, to look at the Amsterdam Winner show. It was worth the travel to get to see the lovely Afghans, witch we where not spoiled with to see in Sweden!!
And of course we asked the Queen of the breeders if we where allowed to come for a visit, we sure was. So, we got home to kennel El Kharaman, family Grevelt.
The J litter was just babies at that time, and of course, my heart went totally out for Jerevan, and it was the same for "Mamma Grevelt"! After some days extra in Holland, be course I needed to nag about that I wanted to buy the most wonderful baby, Jerevan, Mamma Grevelt told me I could have him. IF I took an other brother as well, with me, since she did not want Jerevan to grow up alone. So with us, came Jazco as well! And          was soooo happy to get those boys with me back home!
We keep Valör and Valuta from the litter we got from Khattöga, when she was breed to an El Kharaman male